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On-Site Crating

On-Site Crating & Packaging Services in Nashville


Craters & Freighters Nashville offers a vast selection of on-site packaging and crating services. Our shipping specialists have all the necessary equipment, technology, and experience to travel to your commercial location or personal residence and produce a custom wood shipping crate for items that are too heavy, oversized, or fragile to make it to our facility. If your items need specialized commercial packaging or industrial crating, we are happy to offer the same stellar service at your doorstep that you’d receive at our warehouse. We know that oftentimes bulky and awkward assets need special care, specific cushioning and stabilizers, or proper containerization. If that’s the case, let us come to you, ensuring all safety and security measures for your items are met.

Custom Crates at Your Doorstep

We are pleased to offer turnkey crating solutions for those who need custom crates brought to your location. Whatever it is you need to crate, we will drop off your expertly engineered containers directly at your door to simplify your shipping or storage project.

Call us today to find out more about how we can help streamline your shipping and moving needs.

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On-Site Custom Packaging and Wood Crating

We’re often asked if our on-site packaging and crating services are handled and completed with the same amount of care and expertise as our in-house engineering. The short answer is yes. We will never commit to an on-site packaging and crating service unless we know we can finish it flawlessly. Every project gets the same level of support, no matter where we are when we design and produce your custom packaging needs. 

Our team has the resources to provide your assets with the utmost protection. Some of our on-site packaging services include:

  • Anti-static — Craters & Freighters Nashville uses a variety of quality anti-static packaging materials including wraps, cushioning, and barriers to prevent electrostatic discharges from damaging your sensitive and valuable items
  • Specialized cushioning — Thousands of clients from every industry rely on our experience and knowledge in cushioning and prepping  their commercial items for shipping hazards and complications found in the unpredictable shipping stream
  • Hardshell cases — These specialized cases provide exceptional protection
  • High-quality wooden crates – every crate is provided custom engineering based on the asset it is being built for  

When it comes to tailored packaging for the security and reliable arrival of your items, we are the crating team you want behind you. We know that it takes more than a one-size-fits-all approach to these projects and we are dedicated to providing your item with the best care and protection, no matter where the protection is created.

On-site Commercial Crating

Having worked with hundreds of commercial businesses in dozens of industries, our Craters & Freighters Nashville team will meticulously and precisely design and build wooden crates on-site. 

We are on-site wood crating experts, offering the attention to detail that necessitates optimal packaging and crating design, ensuring your commercial assets make it to their final destination free from harm. 

We provide commercial crating services for the following:

If you are wondering if we can properly manage your industrial crating project, we will come to your location to assess the items in question and come up with a plan for packaging, crating, and shipping that you feel comfortable with. 

Your Premium On-Site Custom Wooden Crating Company

We have been serving Nashville for over two decades, managing a variety of commercial assets through the shipping process. Our team is so much more than experienced when it comes to meeting the needs of our customers and their valuable shipments. We believe in communication, responsibility, and dedication to our customers for the most successful outcome. 

Our core values account for quality services, high-end materials, customer satisfaction, and accountability. If your commercial packaging project is a challenge, we won’t shy away from it. We’re leaders in the industry for a reason. Let’s discuss how we can effectively get your crating and shipping needs taken care of. 


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Provide your shipping requirements and details, and let us give you an estimate you can count on. Concerned that we can’t handle your shipment? Call us; we’ll come out, take a look at your items, and develop a plan to meet your specific needs. Serving most of Tennessee and Alabama, including Nashville & Chattanooga, TN, and Birmingham & Huntsville, AL.