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Automotive Shipping

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Serving the Automotive Manufacturing Industry

Craters & Freighters works with major automotive manufacturers to get their new cars and auto parts safely crated, packaged, and delivered throughout the US and abroad. Having supplied comprehensive crating and shipping services for these heavy, oversized, fragile, and valuable pieces for years, we know what it takes to ensure their safety and get them to their final destination effectively and on time.

This niche in the shipping industry takes a specific skill set and an array of experience, technology, and logistics support. Our automotive shipping and on-site crating teams use the Craters & Freighters national and global network to keep these projects within our reach throughout their journey, providing you peace of mind and giving us accountability.

We can handle your new car crating and shipping job. Whether you need:

  • Automotive machinery and parts custom crated and shipped
  • Prototypes packaged and shipped internationally
  • Reusable crates engineered
  • Newly manufactured cars shipped
  • And more!

Our crating professionals work with car manufacturers, helping them get their shipping needs accomplished successfully. We utilize Craters & Freighters national support, playing the middleman and helping you find the best possible shipping scheme available.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your automotive crating and shipping project.

Our Auto Shipping Process

While every job is different, we adhere to specific guidelines that have been tested and proven over the years. Considering your needs, specifications, final destination, and the asset itself, our Craters & Freighters team will determine the smartest, quickest way to get your assets where they need to be.

When sending newly manufactured vehicles across the nation, we will send a team to your location with pre-built crates, or materials to crate the vehicles and their associated parts on-site. We are professionals at handling and managing your newly manufactured automobile transportation with security at the forefront. Here are the steps we take to ensure your automotive parts and vehicles arrive safely.

  • Drive vehicle onto crate
  • Chock vehicle’s wheels
  • Strap the chassis
  • Disconnect the battery
  • Tape the door
  • Close the crate
  • Install an inspection window

On-Site Crating

Our crating professionals know that getting heavy, oversized machinery and auto parts to our facility can prove impossible. That’s not a problem for us; we will come to your manufacturing plant to design and engineer the precise custom container and supporting protection at your location for the secure shipment of your auto assets.

Our on-site crating services are designed to keep your items safe. We use the same high-quality materials, spec-driven computer software, and proven skillset to build crates at your location as we do at our warehouse. Our team never sacrifices integrity, no matter where your container is built.

crate building on-site

International Shipping

International Air Freight ShippingInternational shipping for your manufactured auto parts comes second nature to our crating team. We build all of our international shipping crates from inspected, ISPM 15 certified wood that will gain easy entry into any country of destination.

We value your time and understand the importance of a smooth shipping process; when you work with Craters & Freighters, nothing slips through the cracks.

Why Choose Craters & Freighters?

Our team doesn’t believe in the one-size-fits-all shipping scenario. We work closely with you and your assets, creating the exact crate and packaging supports to keep your auto parts secure throughout their journey. We are determined to design the most effective packaging, not the quickest or the easiest, but the best. You’ve put a lot of time and money into your newly manufactured vehicles, we will ensure they are protected as they are transported.

Our team is comprised of designers, engineers, logistics support, and customer service experts, all of whom work hand-and-hand to generate a responsible, reliable, efficient process for you.

We are known to think outside the box (no pun intended), and that’s why we are respected worldwide. Shortcuts are not our style, not when it comes to the safety of your valuables. Don’t take our word for it; check out our testimonials, then give us a call; we’re here to help you in all your auto shipping endeavors.

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