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White-Glove Delivery


White-Glove Pickup and Delivery Service in Nashville

When highly fragile, sensitive, or valuable assets need to be moved, shipped, or stored, customers often require a level of care that’s not found using the standard shipping services. At Craters & Freighters Nashville, we understand the need for white-glove pickup and delivery solutions. 

Our white-glove service ensures that your valuables are handled meticulously and delivered safely to their final destination. Whether you’re an organization or an individual, our shipping professionals are well-versed in managing the most unique, one-of-a-kind, delicate items.

Careful Handling of Your Valuables

Our teams ensure that every item we handle is fully protected. But, with our white-glove service, your valuables and your home or office receive an extra degree of care. Our premium delivery experts give your item astute attention to detail from start to finish. 

We work with antiques, fine art, automobiles, furniture, and more to support those who need the highest quality of care for their assets.

Our white-glove service includes:

  • Pick-up at your desired location
  • Custom, superior crating and packaging
  • High-quality logistic support and customer service 



  • Delivery to your desired location
  • Moving the item to its desired space in your home or business setting
  • Removing packaging and disposing of material

While all of these elements exemplify our white-glove service, having a white-glove mindset is crucial to your experience. 

Plus, you get reassuring peace of mind knowing that the team that assists you has one goal: making sure your items arrive on time and undamaged.

White-Glove Pickup & Delivery Services

Our Nashville white-glove shipping services cater to a wide variety of clientele. We’re trusted with prized possessions of all kinds and understand that sentimental value goes beyond financial value. 

Discerning clients in a wide range of industries use our white-glove services, including:

On-Site Crating

If your asset is too fragile or valuable for you to move to our facility for crating, we can come to yours. Our on-site crating specialists have the technology, materials, and experience to design and build a custom crate for your item at your location. The integrity of the design and build are never sacrificed, no matter where the crate is built. 

Custom Packaging & Crating

To ensure your fragile assets are taken care of throughout the moving or shipping process, our crating professionals offer custom packaging and custom crating services. We consider size, weight, sensitivity, and more when designing the precise crate and packaging for your item. 

Many of our customers use our tailored solutions combined with our white-glove services to enhance safety measures and ensure assets are protected to perfection. 

Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive shipping and crating solutions today.


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